Age Care – What is your plan ?

When it comes to age care and the frail phase of life everyone generally has the perfect ending in mind. I am going to be fit and healthy all my life, go to sleep one night and wake up in heaven or at the funeral directors and that will be it. Life will be peachy it will be lights out quickly and easily.

Sadly that is not normally what happens. You wake up in emergency, you may not be able to speak perhaps not move or something else bad has happened and then what do you do? Just because you can leave hospital does not always mean you can go home.

Age Care Homes
How can i get an age care place ? Is there a process to get into an age care home ? Who can help me get a place in an age care home ? What does it cost to get into an age care room ? How long will it take to get a place in a care facility ? These are all very good questions however you need answers.

Are the children expecting you to come to them whilst you recuperate ? Do you fit into their house. What care do you require and will it be the children or the grandchildren doing that for you ?

What are Age Care Services
Showering, cooking meals, toileting, dressing these are not always things that you want your children or even your partner to be doing for you. Can i get carers to the house so that i can go home ? Who will pay for those services ? These government home care packages i have heard about, do they really take 12 months to get funded ? What am i supposed to do in the mean time.

If these are questions that are running through your mind be that for yourself, your partner or your parents then you need to start getting some answers by preparing a plan your your loved ones Frail stage of life. You may not need it today, you may be the lucky one that has perfect health up until death. That is not most people and when disaster strikes it is all hands on deck until an accommodation plan can be sorted out.

Legal Documents

You go to an Age Care Facility and “What do you mean you need an Enduring Power of Guardianship before you will speak to me ? i need a solution now.” You stop arguing and head to the lawyer to be faced with “What do you mean it is too late to get an Enduring Power of Guardianship? The Age Care place just told me i need one!! ” What does Testamentary Capacity even mean? This is a nightmare. My Mum is stuck in hospital, the hospital wants them out and they have nowhere to go. Dad is freaking out.

Make an Age Care Plan
Like everything else in finance you are better to have a plan so you know what to do in case you are required to do it. A little bit of time and money spent now researching options available and what your loved ones would actually like to have happen should something happen to them. These are good discussions to have now whilst you can have them. There is never anything wrong with having a good plan in place.

The Family home and Age Care places
Do you really need to sell the house to fund age care accommodation ? Will i lose the age pension if i do that ? How is that fair ? What other options are there ?

Make a plan
Age care is complex so it is best to start early and long before you need it. Make plans so that when you need assistance you know where to find it and how long it will take to get help or accommodation. Whilst home care packages may take 12 months to come through most people start thinking about it when they have 12 days to come up with a solution and that is being generous. It doesn’t have to be like that, you can make a plan today so you know what to do for your loved ones.

Who Should be making a plan
Anyone in the 75-80 age range and older. Anyone with a parent or a grand parent in that age range as the likelihood is that the children will be looking after the parents. That is what normally happens. Are you prepared ? Who will you call ? What will you do ? If in doubt, call your financial planner. If you dont have a Financial Planner, Find one or contact us.