Financial Planner Education Requirements – Andrew ONeil

There has been a lot said about the new Financial Planner Education Requirements including the compulsory Financial Adviser exam.

All new Financial Planners need to complete this exam before they can start their professional year. All existing Financial Planners need to complete the exam before 1 January 2022 otherwise they will no longer be able to practice.

The good news for me, Andrew ONeil, is that i passed the compulsory exam in Sept 2019.

My 30 year career as an adviser will continue. That is not the case for a lot of current advisers.

If you are looking for a well educated Financial Planner with 30 years experience improving clients lives then contact us today. Remember Improving your Lifestyle is our Business.

Please note, the new education standards and operating environment for Financial Planners is seeing a sharp reduction in the amount of planners available. If you are thinking of using a financial planner in the future dont delay in making contact. Financial Planners will get harder to find in the next 5 -10 years however i will still be here to assist.

It is never too early to Start Planning.