Retirement planning for 40 year olds

Happy New Year on this 1st day of 2023.

Rising interest rates in Australia are going to have an impact on younger people. People who want to live their life with their families now whilst paying off their home loan, educating their children. Enjoying family life now paying off their home without sacrificing their future. How will this impact your retirement planning if you are 40 or thereabouts.

It is daunting with the media warning of doom for anyone with a home loan and how it is going to decimate your life now and for decades to come. What will it do to your retirement planning ?

How do you keep your sanity and enjoy your family time now ? The best solution is having a good understanding of your financial situation now and how that will pan out later in life. You want to know you can do things now without jeopardizing your future.

This blog is providing general information to give you comfort that you have time on your side. Allow your super fund to look after you later in life. Your requirement today is to understand what your superannuation fund is doing and actually having a target that you want to hit. Australia also has a valuable social safety net that is quite generous. Understanding the safety net is there will allow you to enjoy life more now. That is the important thing. Like going to the beach and swimming inside the flags or more topically recently inside the shark net or outside.

Unfortunately a lot of people do not make it to 65 so you cannot plan to have all your fun later in case you dont make it which will be sad. Get the balance right between living life now and enjoying life in retirement.

The key element of advice is assisting you to use your resources now to provide long term financial security with a high degree of certainty.

Enjoy the short video. Please make an appointment if you want to do more structured work on your retirement ensuring you and your family can live life today in your happy place knowing tomorrow is okay.

It is never too early to start planning.