Super Conversations Anne-Marie Corboy HESTA CEO

A great article in Financial Standard 17 November 2014 with retiring CEO from HESTA Anne-Marie Corboy who had been at the helm for 16 years of stunning growth in the fund.

She feels that the media has a “Lopsided Fixation ” with 10% of the members who earn a lot of money or have large balances and not on the 90% where superannuation is making a huge difference and who the SG system was designed for. I couldnt agree more and would include the politicians in that as well.

We see the benefits every day of the great work that superannuation is doing for the rank and file person that it was designed to assist. I have just had a teacher and gardener leave the office and super is a huge and growing part of their retirement plans and the teacher being in the SG system most of her working life is seeing a really strong balance as a result. They have a strong platform to build on and now that the home loan has been paid off life will really become much more secure for them. The combined super balance is 50% of the value of their home and set to explode over the next 10 years to retirement with greater contributions.

Anne-Marie also makes a number of other good points about superannuation benefits for the low income earner and how it really is benefiting their lives for the future.

Superannuation is producing great benefits for individual members and a by product is the economy as a whole benefits from the great pool of savings that can be used within the economy which was never better demonstrated in the early part of the GFC where the banks needed further capital quickly to ensure their financial security and viability and they were able to source it quickly and relatively easily in Australia from the superannuation savings pool.

This is a great article about a quality superannuation executive and lets hope we see more of AnneMarie Corboy in business and/or public life in the future. Volume 12 Number 22 17 November 2014