The Value of Advice Part 1

What is the value of advice and using an adviser? Is it higher investment returns, paying less tax, higher Centrelink benefits, low cost investments ? Perhaps it is a smooth transition when your partner dies?

Is it knowing that you are always comfortable no matter what happens ?

This is an exchange yesterday with one client whose partner recently died. We have been working togther to finalise the estate. Roma became a client in 2008, her partner Alan in 2011 and Alan died at the end of 2020. In the modern vernacular they are a blended family, each with children of their own before they met.

This is a text message exchange i had after our meeting.

Thank you for making me feel so safe and secure. Alan trusted so few people but was so right with you. No I haven’t opened the bottle I just know how lucky I am . Also you and Joni never make me feel inadequate ( even if you feel it)xx Roma

Thanks Roma i appreciate your feedback. Joni and I certainly have always enjoyed dealing with you and Alan. As we discussed yesterday my job is very rewarding where we can assist people use their resources and the laws to put themselves in a far better position. Your life is so much better because you feel secure even when you are doing whatever you want. Enjoy cheers Andrew

In a nutshell!(Roma)

Roma and Alan never asked about what their investments are earning or what they cost. That was my job to make sure their portfolio was doing what was required in a cost effective manner. The specific details were covered in every advice document so they had all the information.

When the Pandemic hit Roma and Alan were busy with cancer treatment. They knew their money was safe. We worked with Alan to allow him to share his estate with his son and Roma’s children before he died so he could see the joy in their faces.

Roma said the day that Alan and his son were crying together was one of the better days of her life. Alan’s son thought his dad was making contact to ask him to assist with the funeral costs which he was happy to do. He got such a shock when his Dad giving him a big deposit so he could buy his first house with his wife and children.

The bottle reference is a result of me doing my small bit for the WA wine industry. Hayshed Hill had wine destined for overseas where the orders were cancelled so Hayshed Hill were discounting the wines to clear them. I purchased 3 dozen bottles with the idea of giving them to clients that come into the office for meetings and Roma came to our Canning Vale office.

It is never to early to start planning to live your perfect life which sometimes includes arranging things for really good outcomes at the end of life for all your family.